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Rainbow Lake pilot-tests geothermal energy system

E2E Energy Solutions will reportedly make the town the first in Canada to be powered entirely by renewable geothermal energy.


LAARS® Excels With Commercial Solutions for Any Application

Whether you’re heating a modest office building or sports stadium, you can count on Laars proven line of highly efficient and reliable commercial space heating boilers and volume water heaters.

Low-carbon heating goes mainstream

It has become routine for consulting engineers to hear client requests for heating systems that will help meet net-zero targets or earn LEED certification.

Toronto conference to discuss advances in heating

In June, the International Conference of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT) will gather scholars from all over the world to exchange information.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Bradford White

For Performance, Efficiency and Innovation, Spec Bradford White® eF120T Featuring Modulation and BMS Integration.

ENERGY STAR® certified including a highly efficient, modulating down-fired premix power burn for optimum combustion.


LAARS® FT Series Commercial Boiler with Heavy-Duty Features

Engineered to be as flexible as it is efficient, Laars newest boiler series easily converts from wall to floor. Choose from two models in either 399 MBH or 301 MBH sizes offering 95%+ thermal efficiency with up to 10:1 turndown along with top and bottom water and gas connections.

The FT Series delivers durability with a 316L stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger, plus the added flexibility of using PVC, CPVC, SS, or PP venting materials — 3” up to 65’ and 4” up to 100’. Discover the heating versatility that comes with specifying Laars FT Series. Get full specs and more at laars.com/CommercialWallBoiler.

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Victoria schools tap into district heating for energy efficiency

Sooke School District 62’s planners specified a central plant to collect and distribute energy between two new schools, which were built in 2022. » Read More...

Net-zero heating calls for reuse of waste energy

In addition to generating heat, it is important to capture, store and use waste heat year-round, but especially in the winter months. » Read More...

Hidi Group improves heating efficiency for Park Hyatt Hotel

The building’s managers collaborated with HRCx, the firm’s commissioning business, following a major refurbishment of guest suites and event spaces. » Read More...