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December 5, 2019

Edmonton’s fire chief resigns

Ken Block announced he is resigning from Edmonton Fire Rescue Services to pursue an opportunity in Australia as Victoria’s first fire rescue commissioner.

Saskatchewan includes firefighter cancer in new fatality and injury reduction strategy

The Saskatchewan government has a new strategy to reduce serious injury and death in high risk occupations that places cancer in firefighters amongst its top four priorities.

City of Brampton breaks ground on Williams Parkway Fire Campus

Expected to open in 2022, Williams Parkway Fire Campus, a state-of-the-art centralized facility, will be home to Brampton’s fire headquarters, prevention division, new fire station 203, an emergency operations centre, emergency measures office, and indoor and outdoor fire training facilities.
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Developing Firefighter Resiliency – A Success-Based Training Model

Training ordinary people to do extraordinary things requires an understanding of how we learn. Developing Firefighter Resiliency starts with the basic psycho-physical aspects of learning.

The fire service has unwittingly used a failure-based training model for many years. Hands-on training exercises are often based on unachievable objectives. Trainers are often not educated about the psychology of adult learning or the effect of stress during learning. Consequently, participants face learning activities with mastery-level skill requirement to succeed when competency has yet to be established. This amounts to a never-ending diet of tests without actual skill development. Accessing knowledge under extreme circumstances cannot be left to chance, because the penalty for failure is severe. >> Order now

Feature: Understanding autism

Ben Wilson, captain of fire prevention at the Surrey Fire Service in British Columbia, is the father of a child with autism. He wrote this article in hopes of raising awareness of the issue amongst those in the fire service. Wilson has been developing and delivering autism awareness training to first responders in Western Canada since 2015. He co-founded the First Responder Advisory Committee at the Canucks Autism Network. » Learn more
Laura Aiken

From the editor: Merging realities

Is your reality and my reality the same? Chances are we agree when the sky is blue and the leaves are green, but this doesn’t really encapsulate life. Reality is also a set of expectations and powerful beliefs in the mind, beliefs that help construct the narrative of your sensory perception. Imagine if that cohesive story were to fall apart. What if you lost pieces of your narrative reality or could not interpret the data coming from another as that person would expect? Some people’s mind-bodies are tragic displays of entropy run wild, order to disorder on a continuum without a cure. This is why firefighters need the right tools to respond to people with autism. » Learn more

Wawa hotel, house fires deemed suspicious

Two structure fires in the community of Wawa on Friday are being considered suspicious and under investigation by OPP. » Read more

Firefighters’ union wants better security after fire truck theft

The head of Winnipeg’s firefighters union says security measures were in place when one of their trucks was stolen and driven wildly through downtown last week. Alex Forrest, president of the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg, said the person managed to override the security system — a system put in place a decade ago, the last time a fire truck was stolen. » Read more

Technology to keep lights on could help prevent wildfires

A Texas A&M University Professor has designed a new tool that helps detect power line problems. This same tool may help prevent wildfires. » Read more

Lambton County Firefighters’ Fire Trade Show

Jan. 25, 2020
Location: Point Edward, Ont.
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Hicks Morley Labour Relations Seminar

Jan. 29-30, 2020
Location: Toronto, Ont.
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Firehouse World 2020

Feb. 24-27. 2020
Location: Las Vegas, Nev.
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