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Red Deer pilot project aiming to reduce non-emergency 911 calls working

A pilot project approved by Red Deer, Alta., city council has reduced non-emergency 911 calls by more than 800 in six months. CTV News Red Deer reports.

Kingsville lumber fire causes an estimated $1.5 million in damage

The vice-president at Kimball Lumber and Building Suppliers in Kingsville, Ont., is already gearing back up to operate with adjustments to how they do business following a weekend fire that is still under investigation. The cause of the fire has still not been determined, according to Chief John Quennell of the Kingsville Fire Department. CBC News reports.

Fire damages elementary school in Saint John

An elementary school in Saint John, N.B., was damaged by fire on Saturday evening. The Saint John Fire Department responded to Glen Falls School on Princess Court just before 8 p.m. AT after its alarm was activated. CBC News reports.

Cutting torch sparked Queens County barn fire: fire marshal’s office

The provincial Fire Marshal’s Office has determined the cause of the fire which destroyed a barn in Queens County, P.E.I., earlier this week. The fire marshals’ investigation determined sparks of a cutting torch, which was used inside the building, ignited nearby combustible materials, setting it on fire. CBC News reports.
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A great new resource for aspiring & established firefighters

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Extrication tips: Strut into autumn

Now that the world is finally getting back to some sense of normalcy (for the time being), we’ve also seen our training pick back up as well. With that being said, I thought I’d touch on the broad topic of stabilization struts. In a rescue world surrounded by the need for us to be versatile, we can very quickly get confused as to what struts are the best for every application. And, to be brutally honest, struts can be very similar to hydraulic tools in this sense. All are great for specific applications, but to truly understand what type you may need, you have to have a basic knowledge of what struts are used for in the vehicle rescue application, and from there you can make a better decision on which is right for your team. By Chad Roberts » Learn more

Back to Basics: Firefighter survival — windows

Every residential structure that we enter will have common features that we can count on when it comes time to firefighter survival and self-rescue. One of these common features are windows – every residential structure will have them. Windows are designed to provide natural light into the building, allow for natural ventilation for the structure, and are designed to make the structure look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By Mark van der Feyst » Learn more

Between Alarms: A firefighter’s mindset

As firefighters we face adversity and challenges on a regular basis. This chosen profession, whether it be volunteer or career, provides endless occasions to grow and learn. Unfortunately, not all take advantage of the vast opportunities the fire service can provide you as a firefighter and as a leader. Not all foster a mindset for learning or jumping out of their comfort zone. This article is based off the work of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck who pioneered the study of the psychological trait known as mindset. She has described the world as being divided up into two categories of people, those with fixed mindsets and those with growth mindsets. By Arjuna George » Read more

Recipe Rescue: Nutrition for your brain

We have learned over the years through clinical research and from the amazing work of our brothers and sisters from the IAFF peer support training team that the link between physical and mental health are very much intertwined. It only makes sense that if we take care of our bodies then our minds will follow suit. Our peer support trainers provide us with guidance and programs to keep our bodies and minds fit, but there is another vital piece of the puzzle that keeps physical and mental health tightly linked and that is nutrition. Nutrition helps with a person’s physical health and as we know when you take care of your physical health your mental health is sure to benefit and vice versa. By Patrick Mathieu » Read more

The future and the fire service with Bill Boyes and Arnold Lazare, 2021 chiefs of the year

This month’s edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast features the winners of this year’s Fire Chief of the Year awards presented by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and Fire Underwriter’s Survey. The two winners, Career Fire Chief Bill Boyes and Volunteer Fire Chief Arnold Lazare, joined host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy for a conversation about the future of fire fighting. DeSorcy captured their reactions to being the recipients of the Career and Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year awards, and Boyes and Lazare talk about the challenges of the pandemic from the perspectives of a volunteer station and an urban one. » Listen now

FSWO Virtual Training Symposium

Oct. 31 – Nov. 19, 2021
Location: Virtual
» Read more