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Exposure to wildfires increases risk of cancer: McGill

A new study from McGill University finds higher incidence of lung cancer and brain tumors in people exposed to wildfires. The study, which tracks over two million Canadians over a period of 20 years, is the first to examine how proximity to forest fires may influence cancer risk.

Last summer’s B.C., Alberta heat wave was among most extreme since 1960s, study shows

The record-breaking heat wave that scorched western North America last June was among the most extreme ever recorded globally, new modelling and analysis by researchers at universities in the United Kingdom shows.

Winnipeg firefighter donating kidney to fellow firefighter

Two firefighting friends in Winnipeg will fight a different kind of battle together as one gives the other a much-needed organ. More than 10 years ago, firefighter Kyle Schmidt was hospitalized and was diagnosed with a kidney disease called IgA Nephropathy. Two years ago, he found out he needs a new kidney.

Over 80 firefighters called to brush fire in Montreal

A brush fire burned Sunday in the eastern end of Montreal, helped by warm, dry conditions and the wind. The fire was called in about 11:20 a.m. near and around the Club de Golf de l’Ile on Damien-Gauthier St. in Riviere-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles borough.
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Four Tools. One Mount. The ZICO Multiple Extrication Tool Holder

Secure up to four extrication tools in minimal space with this “Lazy Susan” style rotating platform. Adjustable, cast aluminum mounting brackets accommodate most brands of cutter, spreader, and combination tool, including both hydraulic and battery-powered models, while optional brackets are available for mounting one or two rams. To operate, simply press down on the yellow paddle to unlock the turntable. Then rotate to access the tool you need. The turntable locks into place after each 90-degree rotation for quick and safe retrieval. Model QM-MEH-1. Available now. » Learn more
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Recipe Rescue: Why recipes fail

Every interview or television appearance I’ve had usually starts out with the same question: “How did you ever get into cooking?” For me it’s quite simple, I was born into a large French Canadian family who lives and breaths everything food, who loves to eat and finds great joy in the kitchen together. I always thought everyone lives to eat and relishes in the cooking experience. Turns out some people just eat to survive and will only cook out of necessity. I know, unfathomable! I have always felt at home in the kitchen, but now I understand that is not the case for all. When I was teaching cooking classes, if an individual had no experience in the kitchen, I would always tell them, “If you can read, you can cook!” By Patrick Mathieu » Learn more

Front Seat: Managing conflict

The more time I spent in the fire service, the more often I found officers starting to trust in my abilities and have me take the lead under their direct supervision. As we were pulling up to a fire or a collision scene with certain captains, we would exchange ideas and initial action plans before we would go to work trying to fix someone’s problem. I kept doing this, and eventually I wound up in a captain’s position. There I was, in the seat calling shots, and even running the odd scene here and there. I like the idea of being able to throw ideas around with your crew while pulling up to a scene, but at the end of the day, the final decision is yours to make at the crew level on how the task is to be carried out. By Jason Clark » Learn more
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New Release: The Tactical Firefighter

A firefighter needs to be combat ready 24/7, consistently self-improving—a person who is mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared, can adapt as needed, buys into the positive culture of the department, and is not afraid to step up and get the job done, no matter how mundane the task. Tactical means constantly able to adapt and implement small-scale actions for a larger purpose, which is to serve the community that has entrusted firefighters with their lives.

The Tactical Firefighter is the culmination of the knowledge and experience of leaders who have contributed effective and efficient techniques and tactics to the development of the fire service. We are all students of the fire service, and we have been fortunate to learn from the best the country has to offer. » Order your copy today!

Back to Basics: Firefighter survival — windows

Every residential structure that we enter will have common features that we can count on when it comes time to firefighter survival and self-rescue. One of these common features are windows – every residential structure will have them. Windows are designed to provide natural light into the building, allow for natural ventilation for the structure, and are designed to make the structure look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more

Dispatches: Observations from the field

In my current role as fire instructor, I’m never at a loss for opportunities to practice and hone my perception skills when it comes to body language and nonverbal communication. I’ve been studying the fascinating connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and how it plays out in our everyday interactions for four years and there’s no end to my curiosity. As an introvert, people watching comes naturally, but I’ve also always wondered what makes people tick. What’s going on underneath the surface? By Jennifer Grigg » Read more

The evolution and future of mass notification systems

Tune in to April’s podcast for a conversation on how public alerts have evolved, why radio is still a key player, what the research shows about public reaction to emergency notifications, best practices for crafting your message, why it’s important to know and address your policy hurdles and how GPS plays a role in the next generation of population targeting. Podcast host Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy talks all this and more with Jacob Westfall, chief technology officer with Public Emergency Alerting Services Incorporated (PEASI), a mass notification software company based in Calgary who is the developer of Alertable software. » Listen now

BCFTOA Conference

May 14-19, 2022
Location: Salmon Arm, B.C.
» Read more

AFCA Conference and Trade Show

May 29-31
Location: Red Deer, Alta.
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MAFC Conference and Trade Show

June 2-4
Location: Dauphin, Man.
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