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Volunteer firefighters in Taber recognized for ongoing efforts

The Municipal District of Taber Regional Fire Service is currently recruiting new volunteer firefighters. "Our volunteers consist of everyday people, they could be truck drivers, police officers, construction workers, farmers, ranchers, or work at the local CoOp," said Nathan Cote, the regional fire chief for the Municipal District of Taber and the director of emergency management. "They are from all different age groups, backgrounds, and cultures. We pride ourselves on being a very diverse group coming together to help our neighbours and community members."

County of Stettler volunteers step forward for Donalda Fire Dept.

The County of Stettler will move ahead with getting a mothballed fire hall back into operation after staff revealed 22 volunteers have stepped forward to become firefighters. The discussion was held at the April 12 regular meeting of council. Councillors heard a report from Director of Municipal Services Andrew Brysiuk regarding the Donalda fire hall, which was mothballed several years ago. Brysiuk stated staff know the re-opening of the Donalda fire station is a council priority, including getting volunteers back into the hall and getting the hall functioning again.

First firefighting camp for girls coming to Kingston

A group of female firefighters from Kingston and surrounding areas are bringing a free firefighting camp for girls to Kingston this July. The camp is offered by Women in Fire YGK in partnership with Kingston Fire and Rescue, and will be open to those who identify as a girl aged 15-18. Chantal Rice, a volunteer firefighter and member of Women in Fire YGK, said they've wanted to hold the camp for a few years and this year have enough women locally who are volunteer or career firefighters to put a board together.

P.E.I. firefighters get lessons on handling solar panel fires

When firefighters pull up to a call and find a home's solar panels on fire, can they use water to beat down the flames? The answer is yes, but with specific precautions, said David Candy, who is with the Riverview Fire Department in New Brunswick, who's training firefighters on Prince Edward Island this week.

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New title explores the critical tenants of leadership, duty and accountability

Command Presence is a must-read book is about hard calls and hard fights; hard wins, and hard losses with lessons that you can apply to your leadership style.

"Frank offers great insight and wisdom on leadership shared through stories of his career and life successes and failures, highs and lows, with easy-to-read yet profound examples and lessons in self-accountability, self-responsibility, and action that can be applied to your leadership style." — Alex A. Rivera MPA, CFO, CTO Fire Chief, West Point U.S. Military Academy

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The 72-hour fallacy: Preparing your communities for the unexpected

In emergency management, it’s important to know where initiatives or directives originated from, and they should be consistently re-evaluated to ensure that they are still current and required. The 72-hour preparedness rule came to fruition during World War I as a directive given from national levels of governance. There were requirements to be self-sufficient due to competing priorities from national defense. Individuals needed to sustain continuity of their livelihood for 72-hours. By Kaitlin Secord. » Read More...

From Hire to Retire: How to build resilient teams

Teams are the backbone of many organizations, especially the fire service. As any team leader knows, forming a group is easy, but building a strong and resilient team is a difficult task. It takes time, energy and commitment from all members—not to mention that it’s not always easy to know where to start when building a resilient team. By Arjuna George. » Read More...

Back to Basics: Firefighter survival

In every residential structure you are going to find entanglement hazards of every type. These include curtains, curtain rods, curtain rod strings, window shades/strings, window blinds/strings, suspended ceilings, electrical wires, television cable, internet wires, HVAC ductwork, dryer vent hose and electrical cords. No matter what kind or type of entanglement hazard it is, it is a hazard and a deadly one at that. By Mark van der Feyst. » Read now...

Extrication Tips: Instilling confidence with simplicity

I recently read that “complexity creates chaos and confusion.” While I can’t entirely remember its source, the meaning of the statement has stuck with me and drove the topic of this column, which is first on scene trauma patient assessment. I’m not talking about the acronyms we have been ingrained with from day one, but a more simplified approach to the fire service’s role in initial patient care. Our roles in multi-vehicle accidents should not start with tool selection and moving metal, but more importantly towards making quick decisions that will ultimately have the greatest outcome on our patient’s chance of survival. By Chad Roberts. » Read More...


Today’s recruits, connecting with the frontline, and learning from each other

Toronto’s Fire Chief Matthew Pegg joins Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast to talk about the department’s latest recruitment; the qualifications, courage and motivation of today’s candidates; the importance of connecting with and supporting your members, and why large fire services can and do learn from small departments. » Listen now


OAFC 2023 Conference and Trade Show

May 4, 2023
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
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Wildfire resiliency and training summit

May 10-14, 2023
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
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AFCA Conference and Trade Show

May 28-31, 2023
Location: Edmonton, Alta.
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