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Cabin destined to be a mental health haven for first responders

In a leafy clearing in Dawn-Euphemia Township, the spirit of Dalles Bergsma lives on. That's where his family is building a respite cabin to honour the legacy of the young farmer and volunteer firefighter who took his own life in 2020.

Staff working behind the scenes of Canada's fire fight essential to battle

Behind the firefighters battling what is B.C.'s most destructive wildfire season is an army of more than 1,400 contracted support staff, doing everything from first aid to sandwich making.

Key N.S. flood alert to 'shelter in place' faced delays that need review: firefighter

Volunteer firefighters say an alert warning people not to leave their homes during recent flooding in a rural Nova Scotia county took close to two hours to send, and the process needs to be reviewed.

Firefighters use mobile simulator to practice ‘real life’ house fire scenarios in Central Elgin

It’s a simulator designed to give firefighters “essential training.” A mobile live fire-training unit was at the Central Elgin Fire hall this weekend, with firefighters going through multiple scenarios to prepare them for a real life situation.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Ontario Fire Academy

Raising the Bar: Ontario Fire Academy's Impact on Firefighter Education

Celebrating 15 years of training excellence; the Ontario Fire Academy cultivates versatile firefighters through advanced training and a holistic educational approach.

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Ziamatic’s New Vehicle Cooling Units are Efficient and Effective

For fire crews, electrical vehicle batteries are hard to reach, difficult to cool down, and the energy created with thermal runaway can easily re-ignite or spread from cell to cell. Ziamatic’s new Vehicle Cooling Units could be the answer to those challenges, with 36″ and 72″ options available. » Learn more

Psychological PPE: Mental performance coaching

For a firefighter to build health and career success, a balance of the mental, physical and spiritual realms is needed. By James Rychard. » Read More...

Back to Basics: Desensitizing firefighters – SCBA

In our continued look at what aspects the firefighter has become de-sensitized to, we turn our attention to the SCBA. By Mark van der Feyst. » Read More...
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NEW RELEASE: The Fire Scene

When John Salka joined his first fire department, he was an 18-year-old who just wanted to be a firefighter. Today, he looks back in amazement remembering the thrills, the shock and disappointments. But mostly he gives thanks for a wonderful ride.

Chief John Salka has a story, a lesson or a warning to help you through your next fire or emergency, whether you are a firefighter, company officer or chief. The Fire Scene covers nearly every topic, tactic, and issue that firefighters face each day. Follow his simple but impactful lessons about using basic tools, discipline, leadership, responsibility, work ethic, communications, search, command and integrity.

» Order your copy!

The indispensable halligan

The trade of fire fighting shares a likeness with carpentry in its need for good hand tools. In this article, we will look at the halligan — a mainstay of the fire service — and how the individual parts of the halligan impact performance. By Nathan Pocock. » Read More...

Preventing electrical fires

A recent study in British Columbia suggests that residential inspection programs with a focus on secondary suites and basements could reduce the burden of electrical fires. By Len Garis and Ian Pik. » Read More...


Managing different generations and change

Chief John Liadis talks to host and retired Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy about the generational reactions to modernizing your department, who to focus on for successful change adoption, getting the buy-in, the need for transparent team communication, social media playing a new role in the next generation of recruitment, and how training is a core component of taking your department to the next level. » Listen now


IAFC Fire-Rescue International

Aug. 16-18, 2023
Location: Kansas City, Mo.
»

FireCon 2023

Sept. 6-10, 2023
Location: Thunder Bay, Ont.
»

FFIC Open Golf Tournament

Sept. 12, 2023
Location: Beeton, Ont.
»

Fire-Rescue Canada 2023

Sept. 17-20, 2023
Location: Halifax, N.S.
»