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Four young B.C. firefighters heading home die in head on crash on highway: RCMP

Four young men travelling home after helping in the battle against wildfires in central British Columbia are dead after a fiery head-on crash on Highway 1 east of Cache Creek.

B.C. to introduce new disaster management laws to address preparedness, mitigation

British Columbia is enacting new laws to govern responses to increasingly frequent natural disasters such as wildfires and flooding.

Nova Scotia allocates $1.5 million for fire fighting equipment

Nova Scotia is giving 80 fire departments $1.5 million to upgrade their equipment.

Vancouver firefighter sent to hospital after roof collapses during fire

A firefighter was injured after an aggressive fire in Vancouver's downtown early Saturday caused a ceiling to collapse onto him.

East Gwillimbury donates equipment to Firefighters Without Borders

More than 80 pieces of equipment have been donated to Firefighters Without Borders by East Gwillimbury’s Emergency and Community Safety Services.

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NEW | Residential Firefighting: Training and Drills

In the intense and demanding world of firefighting, where every decision can make a life-or-death difference, proficiency is paramount. In "Residential Firefighting: Training and Drills," acclaimed fire expert David F. Clark delivers a must-read guide for those who battle hostile fires. He provides actionable advice for firefighters to enhance their skills through frequent hands-on training, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges they face on every residential fire call. » Order Your Copy Today

Extrication Tips: What's one without the other?

Have we ever stopped to think about why we’re always doing things in pairs within the fire service? Surely the safety factor is a key element, but it is truly more beneficial to have that extra hand when it comes to any job we are performing in our service. By Chad Roberts. » Read More...

From Hire to Retire: Wearable technology: Revolutionizing firefighter health and well-being

Want to be a better firefighter? Start by taking care of your health with these seven tips. By Arjuna George. » Read More...

Preventing electrical fires

How do you avoid electrical fires? A recent study suggests inspections could help reduce residential electrical fire burden. By Len Garis and Ian Pik. » Read More...

Back to basics: Be a sweeper, not a patter

When following the wall of the building, it is important that the firefighter sweep high and low along the wall to locate the window and doors. By Mark van der Feyst. » Read More...


Fire fighting from a provincial perspective

Hailing from Nova Scotia, retired Fire Chief and Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables Tory Rushton chats with host and retired Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy about the challenges of volunteer fire fighting in small rural towns, taking an organized approach to advocate for more resources, the importance of networking, how provinces can incorporate the local fire service to strengthen wildfire response, and navigating discussions around deploying crews to other areas in need. » Listen now


Firehouse Expo

Sept. 25-29, 2023
Location: Columbus, Oh.
»

Fire Prevention Week

Oct. 8-14, 2023
Location: North America
»

Canadian Wildfire Conference

Oct. 26, 2023
Location: Kelowna, B.C.
»