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Federal government considers updating fire fighting aviation regulations

A new motion that asks the federal government to bring Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) up to international standards for airport rescue and fire fighting at major airports is being debated in the House of Commons.

'A total loss': $1M aerial truck destroyed in fire at under-construction townhouse complex in Vaughan

A fire truck valued at $1M has been destroyed in a large fire that broke out early Sunday morning at an under-construction townhouse development in Vaughan, Ont. Deputy chief Grant Moffatt, of Vaughan Fire, told reporters at the scene that crews had set up an aerial vehicle to battle the blaze, but it caught fire and the firefighters manning that truck were unable to move it back in time as the aerial was activated.

Canadian Wildfire Conference brings together ground and air leaders in Kelowna

The inaugural Canadian Wildfire Conference took place in Kelowna, B.C., on Oct. 26 at the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence. Around 250 vendors and attendees gathered for the first Canadian Wildfire Conference, which is an expanded program of the Aerial Firefighting Conference, hosted by Wings and Helicopters magazine for the past three years.

After standoff and axe attack, Mission may outfit firefighters with body armour

Burning buildings aren’t the only risk that firefighters face on the job. Mission, B.C. may soon outfit its firefighters with body armour following a series of worrying interactions in recent years. Mission city staff have recommended the municipality immediately spend $15,000 on the body armour.

London Fire, Wounded Warriors Canada join forces to enhance mental health support

The London Fire Department in Ontario is partnering with Wounded Warriors Canada to give its members and their families more mental health support and services.

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NEW RELEASE | Frontline Crisis Response

Frontline crisis response is challenging. Emergency responders, soldiers, and humanitarian aid workers all operate at the frontlines of threatening, uncertain crisis situations on a daily basis. Under intense pressure, they need to make a range of difficult decisions. This book conducts in-depth studies of eleven such dilemmas by integrating a wide array of research findings on crisis response operations. As such, this book will undoubtedly help to understand, evaluate, and advance crisis response operations. » Order your copy today!

Trauma: Who, what, where, when and why

Too often, we become our trauma; it victimizes us, and we fall into the trap of continually asking ourselves, “Why did this happen to me?” We create an entire identity around our trauma and allow that story to infiltrate our lives. Unfortunately, most often, this takes on a negative narrative that can lead to dark places of unhappiness, anxiety and depression; that is also what happened to me. By Brandon Evans. » Read More...

Unlocking Interoperability: How Canada’s public safety agencies can work better together

Interoperability between Canada’s public safety agencies has long been a challenge. It is a topic of discussion in many emergency management circles. One such circle was InterOp Canada, a virtual event that focused on enhancing interoperability between agencies. By Elena De Luigi. » Read More...

Focusing on female firefighter cancer

Existing measures in place to offset firefighters’ increased cancer risk do not adequately address the variety and earlier onset of work-related cancers in women, suggests a recent international study. By Larry Thomas, Len Garis and Ian Pike. » Read More...

Recipe Rescue: Why we should say goodbye to non-stick

We’ve all seen that veteran, well-seasoned cookware kicking around the firehouse kitchen, or in our home, that begs to have the question asked, “What happened to this pan?” It’s gone on my entire 23-year career at Waterloo Fire Rescue, watching pots and pans come and go at an alarming rate due to misuse. By Patrick Mathieu. » Read More...


Fighting wildfires from the air

Argentinian air tractor pilot and volunteer firefighter Diego Perez talks with host and retired Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy about aerial wildfire fighting in the Maritimes, how ground and air crews can train to work safely together, changes to structural fire fighting, aircraft apparatus, and the adrenaline rush that comes right before a drop. » Listen now


FSANS Conference 2024

Apr. 26-28, 2024
Location: Truro, N.S.
»

SAFC Conference and Trade Show 2024

May 30-June 1, 2024
Location: North Battleford, Sask.
»