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Canada should be on 'high alert' for 2024 after record wildfire season: scientist

Canada should be on "high alert" for 2024 wildfires, a scientist with the Canadian Forest Service said as he offered a sweeping view of last year's record-shattering season.

B.C. gives $6.2 million to volunteer and composite fire departments

More than 200 volunteer and composite fire departments in British Columbia are set to receive more than $6.2 million for hands-on training, new equipment, and mental health support.

Mark MacDonald made OAFC’s new executive director

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs hired Mark MacDonald as its new executive director. He will assume his new role on Jan. 29.

Multiple Edmonton councillors say encampment dismantling went against city policy

After eight encampments were removed from in and around downtown, at least half of Edmonton city councillors are left questioning how the cleanup was done.

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New Fire Services Arbitration Workshops Fill Critical Void

This workshop is a game-changer for Fire Chiefs and Firefighter Associations, offering cutting-edge strategies, expert insights, and practical skills crucial for effective negotiation and dispute resolution. Ideal for Fire Sector Leaders, HR Professionals, Labour Lawyers, Advocates and Negotiators. An unparalleled opportunity to elevate proficiency in fire sector labour relations. Starting January 31, 2024.

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Thermal imagers and cold weather

In your part of the country, you may already be experiencing adverse weather conditions and perhaps even have some snow. In cold weather situations, thermal imagers can play a crucial role in improving situational awareness and enhancing operational effectiveness. Here’s how they can be used in cold weather emergencies. By Manfred Kihn. » Read More...

Unlocking Interoperability: How Canada’s public safety agencies can work better together

Interoperability between Canada’s public safety agencies has long been a challenge. It is a topic of discussion in many emergency management circles. One such circle was InterOp Canada, a virtual event that focused on enhancing interoperability between agencies. By: Elena De Luigi. » Read More...

Fire Under Control: Core Principles of Structural Firefighting

"Fire Under Control is a riveting new book that allows you to learn while also seeing how street experiences coincide with printed tactical and scientific fire service information. I always have said that eyes, ears, and experience will equal your education in the fire service and Capt. Steve Bernocco has managed to bring it to light." – Lt. Mike Ciampo, Fire Department of New York.

The core principles of structural firefighting are fire behavior, building construction, strategy, tactics, safety and training. In this book each core principle is examined with relevant on-the-job stories to bring lessons home.

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Fit for Duty: Measuring cardiovascular fitness

You have only had to pull a charged hoseline through a house or climb a few flights of stairs in full gear once to understand that cardiovascular fitness is important to fire fighting. Strength is also important, but let’s consider cardiovascular fitness for today. By Sherry Dean. » Read More...

Stop Bad: Call Signs for Life

How about a call sign system where you are assigned a call sign when you join the department and use the same one for your entire career? The same call sign at every incident doing any task is much safer and more effective. We don’t change the names of our rigs when they are assigned to a different task, so we should do the same for our teams. By Gord Schreiner. » Read More...


Situational awareness with Dr. Richard Gasaway

Dr. Richard Gasaway, one of America’s leading authorities on human error and situational awareness, joins (Ret.) Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy to chat about the evolution of the term situational awareness, impacts of technology, and how neuroscience can help us make our best decisions on the modern-day fire ground. » Listen now


FDIC International 2024

April 15-20, 2024
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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