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AFCA calls for unified strategy on wildfire prevention and response

In an open letter to the province, the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association is calling on the province to disclose its wildfire preparedness strategy as concerns rise about the lack of communication of what the government’s plan will be for the upcoming season.

Honour House Society receives 10K donation from Delta Firefighters Charitable Society

The Honour House Society in British Columbia received a $10,000 donation from the Delta Firefighters Charitable Society. The donation was made as part of the December Days of Giving campaign held annually by the Delta firefighters.

Hamilton landlord receives $8K fine for failing to maintain smoke alarms

A local property owner in Hamilton, Ont. has pleaded guilty to failing to maintain primary and secondary power supplies that serve smoke alarms. Beau Spencer, three other directors and the corporation 233 Victoria Holdings Inc. were convicted and fined $8,000.

More than 1,000 apply as BC Wildfire ups firefighter recruiting efforts

British Columbia is responding to concerns about a lack of wildland firefighters by increasing recruitment efforts, with a focus on First Nations and rural and remote communities.

Fire Fighting in Canada’s 2024 virtual summit focusing on recruitment

Fire Fighting in Canada is hosting its fourth annual virtual summit on Feb. 21, beginning at 11:00 a.m. EST. This year’s theme is recruitment, retention and succession.


Fueling success in fire service training: The andragogy advantage

It is my belief that understanding how adults learn and what motivates them to learn can contribute to your success as a company or chief officer within your fire department. Do you learn by doing? By listening to a lecture or through a YouTube video? Or by watching someone practicing a skill then trying it yourself? It is also important to consider the barriers that can prevent learning. So how can understanding adult learners and adult education benefit the fire service? By Michael Boyle. » Read More...

Extrication Tips: A couple more hidden problems

The world of auto extrication and as it relates to the fire service has been inundated with the topic of electric vehicles and how they are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Vehicles themselves are not the only cause for concern when it comes to the dominating battery power source. While this will be a topic I will continue to dive into, I wanted to take a brief side bar to talk about a couple hidden issues that some of you may or may not be aware of. By Chad Roberts. » Read More...

Hoarding 101 for firefighters

Conservative estimates report that at least six per cent of the general population hoard. That data translates to over 2,255,400 Canadians with hoarding disorder. Here are the key pieces of information the fire service should be aware of when it comes to hoarding. By Elaine Birchall and Suzanne Cronkwright. » Read More...

Front seat: Clarity is key on scene

On the fire scene, verbal communication can be one of those skill sets that suffers because we can get involved with the immediate task on hand or we can get flooded with information from dispatch reports, frantic civilians or other agencies on scene. New fire officers need to become better at packing information and passing it on to fellow crew members in the form of a request. One of those ways of becoming a good communicator is to be specific with your team. By Jason Clark. » Read More...


Situational awareness with Dr. Richard Gasaway

Dr. Richard Gasaway, one of America’s leading authorities on human error and situational awareness, joins (Ret.) Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy to chat about the evolution of the term situational awareness, impacts of technology, and how neuroscience can help us make our best decisions on the modern-day fire ground. » Listen now


FDIC International 2024

April 15-20, 2024
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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