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Discover your future at the Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

On March 27, Fire Fighting in Canada, Canadian Firefighter, Blue Line, and Canadian Security will host the annual Security • Police • Fire Career Expo in Mississauga, Ont. to connect job seekers with employers in the police, fire and security sectors.

B.C. expands psychological wellness program for firefighters

More firefighters in B.C. will learn how to develop and improve their mental health resiliency through enhanced access to a psychological wellness training program that discusses how to manage daily stress and anxiety.

Inaccurate data on forest fuels may stoke B.C. wildfires, study finds

A new study has found inaccuracies in government data which misrepresent forest fuel loads in British Columbia’s Interior. The data gap involves mismatches between remotely-sensed mapping, forest fuel classifications, and observations on the ground.

Alberta funnels $151 million into wildfire preparedness

An additional $151 million over the next three years is going towards wildfire preparedness, prevention, response and mitigation in Alberta.

Ontario injects nearly $3M to upgrade 911 technology in Barrie and South Simcoe

Several Ontario public safety organizations are getting nearly $3 million to transition to Next Generation 911 technology.

NWT requests independent review of 2023 wildfire emergency response

To understanding the full scope of the Northwest Territories' emergency management activities last summer, the government has asked for an independent review of its wildfire emergency response during the 2023 wildfire season.


The Tactical Firefighter

A firefighter needs to be combat ready 24/7, consistently self-improving—a person who is mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared, can adapt as needed, buys into the positive culture of the department, and is not afraid to step up and get the job done, no matter how mundane the task. The Tactical Firefighter is the culmination of the knowledge and experience of leaders who have contributed effective and efficient techniques and tactics to the development of the fire service.

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Firefighter health first: Innovations in PPE decontamination

How can firefighters properly clean their gear, and what can be done to help them do this safely? In the last few years, new technologies have been created to address the need for properly cleaned personal protective equipment. By Jamie Little and Ross Humphry. » Read More...

Modern fire fighting: The role of advanced networking in emergency response

Fire departments and emergency response teams need to communicate quickly and efficiently to handle crises effectively. What may not be as obvious is how deeply intertwined communication networks and fire fighting have become. Advanced networking technologies have taken center stage in emergency response, enhancing various operational aspects. By Patrick Chown. » Read More...

Training your trainers: How Halifax Regional Fire Emergency is keeping their division in check

Halifax firefighter and training officer Trevor Marshall talks trends in firefighter training with Canadian Firefighter’s editor Brittani Schroeder. » Read More...

Psychological PPE: Mental performance coaching

If we can agree that a firefighter should be regarded as an athlete, and professional athletes and performers need mental performance coaching, then adding a mental performance coach to a fire service’s organizational chart is plausible, necessary and, most importantly, a proactive way to help firefighters perform on a public stage. By James Rychard. » Read More...


The stigma of not “tough” enough

Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg and Michael Landsberg, founder of Sick Not Weak, sat down with Ret. Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy to discuss the value of talking about mental health without shame, stigma, and the return on investment when leaders open up about mental wellbeing and resiliency. » Listen now


Security Police Fire Career Expo (Mississauga)

Mar. 27, 2024
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
»

Canadian Hazmat & CBRNE Summit

April 8-10, 2024
Location: Kitchener, Ont.
»

FDIC International

April 15-20, 2024
Location: Indianapolis, IN
»