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October 19, 2018

FPInnovations collaborative research makes life easier for log haulers

Alberta Transportation recently changed its Winter Weight Premium (WWP) policy allowing an estimated average of eight days of WWP extension, which will result in more than $2 million in savings for the forest sector annually alone.

How do in-woods scales help optimize logistics in logging?

On-board truck scales and other in-forest weighing systems can help reduce variations in Gross Vehicle Weight, or GVW, to boost efficiency in payload transportation.

Log hauling gains: Extra axle boosts, payload and fuel efficiency

Improving transportation efficiency improves the competitiveness of the B.C. industry. By adding an additional axle to the standard eight axles approved across Canada, these new configurations realize a payload increase of more than 15 per cent.

Who will ship and who will buy? Speakers tackle industry challenges at NHLA

Businesses should develop a strategy to make themselves more attractive to prospective drivers, such as integrating safety components in vehicles and utilizing new technology, Andy Moses, Penske Logistics’ vice-president of global products, said.

Log hauling evolution: Western Forest Products' truck fleet

In a move to increase cost competitiveness and improve efficiencies, Western Forest Products turned to the Kenworth T880 to do double-duty — transporting timber off- and on-highway.
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Truck King Challenge

The right ride: Results from the 2018 Truck King Challenge

As most readers know the Canadian Truck King Challenge does what we call real-world testing. Our journalist judges drive the trucks on a prescribed course empty, then with payload and finally towing a trailer on this same route – one after the other, back to back. Read more to find out which truck reigned supreme. » Read more...
Driving success

Driving success: Kamloops log hauler keeps employees top of mind

“Being in the trucking business ourselves, we know that most shops spend very little time considering the comfort of the professional drivers who are waiting for a repair to be made. We wanted to be different, and it definitely creates some buzz,” explained Greg Munden, owner of Munden Ventures. » Read more...

Optimizing Log Hauling by Minimizing Driver Fatigue

Certainly, there are key steps that truckers can and should take to manage their workday to ensure that fatigue does not contribute to a costly error. There are also opportunities and accountabilities for industry leaders. » Read more...

Listen up: Ford rolls out 3.0L Power Stroke diesel engine

Quiet. That word describes, perfectly, the new 3.0L Power Stroke diesel just introduced by Ford. This trait, plus the power it makes, now available in the F-150, makes this introduction a true milestone in the history of the F-series. » Read more...

Improved log truck safety performance

As a result of this industry call to action, the B.C. forest transportation sector has seen a significant reduction (more than 50 per cent) in rollovers on public roads from 2013 to 2015. » Read more...

OptiSaw Mill Optimization & Automation Forum

November 28, 2018
Location: Montreal, Quebec
» Learn more