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September 23, 2019

USNR applies deep learning to automated grading systems

Advances in high-speed computing have enabled USNR to apply Deep Learning to the image processing systems that feed their automated grading systems. Sawmills will benefit from faster start-ups and even more accurate grading solutions.

Trimming out error: Three keys to successful scanning on your trimmer sorter line

The trimmer sorter line has traditionally been one of the toughest places to implement successful scanning. Joey Nelson, president and founder of JoeScan, shares three tips for successful scanning.

Saunas and sawmills: Inside look at mills in Finland and Estonia

On HewSaw’s annual sawmill safari last year, CFI got an inside look at mills in Finland and Estonia, including insights about their scanning and optimization technology.

OptiSaw challenges sawmillers to do more with less

At the 2019 OptiSaw forum, presenters shared solutions to derive more value from less wood, fewer people, and in less time. New solutions included Springer-Microtec’s CT Log X-ray computer tomography scanner and Autolog’s ProGrader linear planer optimizer.
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JoeScan New JS-50 WX

JoeScan's latest dual-camera scanner brings next generation speed and data density to your sawmill. Both lineal and transverse applications pose no problems for JS-50 WX. A versatile scanning envelope ensures that this model delivers great results across your entire mill.

New features include:
   • Dual cameras see around flights & find steep wane
   • Single cable delivers data and power
   • QuickLock mount enables hotswaps in just seconds
   • Up to 4000 scans per second and best-in-class resolution
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Latest technology

A look at the latest scanners and optimizers

Canadian Forest Industries shares the newest scanner and optimizer technology on the market. » Read more...
Tolko Armstrong

The ‘little mill that can’: Tolko Armstrong undergoes modernization project

Tolko Armstrong is a year into a multi-year multi-million-dollar capital investment project. The project will see some of the latest sawmill technology installed, including USNR’s BioVision grading module and SiCam’s closed-loop system to automatically adjust cutting tools. » Read more...
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Advanced Autograding with Deep Learning

Advances in high-speed computing have enabled us to apply Deep Learning to the image processors feeding our automated grading systems. The result is dramatically faster and more accurate grading solutions.

USNR’s Deep Learning takes automated grading to the highest level available today. In development since 2012, Deep Learning is delivering results in 58 mills around the world with applications in the sawmill using BioVision, and in the dry mill with Lineal and Transverse High Graders. » Learn more

Owning improvements: Quebec co-op takes full control of sawmill

Produits forestiers Petit-Paris (PFPP) sawmill modernized its operations by adding new technology, including a primary sawing line, optimized secondary line, a planer optimizer, doubling the scanners and more. » Read more...

Integrated op: Vanderhoof mill produces lumber, pellets and energy on one site

Nechako Lumber is home to a small-log sawmill, planer mill, pellet plant and energy system, all of which are seamlessly integrated to handle roughly 900,000 tonnes of logs. Scanners and optimizers are key to the mill’s ability to handle such a large volume of logs. » Read more...

Recovery culture: key investments boost production at Fornebu

A series of employee culture shifts and capital projects have allowed the mill to dramatically improve its recovery. The mill readjusted equipment specs, sawing patterns, scanning and more to maximize the quality of the products. » Read more...

TP&EE 2018 equipment spotlights

Canadian Forest Industries was among the exhibitors and attendees at the 2018 Timber Processing and Energy Expo (TP&EE). We spotlighted 18 different booths showcasing the latest top-of-the-line equipment, including new scanning and optimizing solutions. » Read more...

National Forest Week

Sept. 22-28, 2019
Location: Canada
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WPAC AGM & Conference

Sept. 24-25, 2019
Location: Ottawa
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National Tree Day

Sept. 25, 2019
Location: Canada
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