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Splitting hairs: Basic components to maintain tolerance

Management and maintenance pour hours into saws, rolls and other high wear parts, all while ignoring worn or poorly maintained saw guides, says millwright Josh Bergen.

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the sawfiler

Of course all of us in the filing room know that when there’s a problem, the first place the mill personnel points to is the saws. The seasoned, experienced filer quickly tries to calm everyone down and starts the analysis of the problem and how dire it may be.

Tried and true practices: Leveraging tech investments

Technology is wonderful. But tried and true practices still have their place! Dave Purinton discusses best practices for leveraging technology investments.


Sawfilers unite: BCSFA event highlights struggles, solutions, optimism

Filers converged in Kamloops, B.C., from May 24-25 to hear about the latest equipment and advancements in the filing room and discuss current issues afflicting the trade. » Read More...

Lubrication innovation

Brad Darynuk writes about the advancements in the saw guide lube system developed by Real Performance Machinery, after recognizing the many shortcomings of the existing system. » Read More...

Proper pairing: Matching saw with the machine

Veteran columnist Paul Smith advises mills on pairing trim saws with the proper trimmer, like pairing wine with the right food. "Mis-matched, you may be able to get through the meal, but it wouldn’t be the best experience," he says. » Read More...

Designing circle saws

In some circles, no pun intended, some feel we have just about reached the limits of our saw bodies where feed speed is concerned. » Read More...

Guide to benching wide bandsaws

Before embarking on the journey of benching bandsaws, it’s essential to gather the right tools and expertise. This guide outlines the essential elements to get you started. » Read More...

Two tools of our trade

From early on, sawfilers made and designed most of their own tools. Even today, sawfilers continue to come up with new and innovative tools to make their jobs easier and better. » Read More...