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Global food prices on the rise, geopolitical issues behind the cause

The world is still rebounding from those price shocks, which have increased inflation, poverty and food insecurity in developing nations that rely on imports.

Unemployment rises to 5.5% in July as job creation falls behind

As Canada's population continues to grow rapidly, rising unemployment signals the economy isn't creating enough jobs to absorb a larger workforce.

Linamar acquires Dura’s battery enclosures business

The three sites, previously owned by Dura-Shiloh are located in North Macedonia, Czechia, and Alabama, U.S. and now join the newly formed Linamar Structures Operating Group.


Kernic Systems completes installation of scrap collection system at Greenfield Corrugated Sheet Feeder Plant

The installation of the centralized negative pressure scrap collection system at CanCorr included a comprehensive range of equipment with a reported focus on efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. » Read More...

Hankook Tire Canada sets world record on iON evo AS tires

Rainer Zietlow completes the longest journey made by an electric vehicle in Canada with support from Hankook Tire Canada and Volkswagen. » Read More...

Else prepares to enter the $52B global kids nutrition market with new product

This debut marks the company's expansion from its powdered product range into the larger, fast-growing RTD market. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] AI: Empowering the manufacturing workforce of the future

For manufacturers, the introduction of AI will reshape the source of value creation, the formation of new business models and the delivery of value-added services such as mass customization and predictive maintenance. » Read More...


Tersa Earth technology set to improve EV manufacturing supply chain

The biotech start-up has heavy implications for the Canadian manufacturing industry, where many carmakers have begun buying mining rights in various regions to secure supplies of lithium in the EV race. » Listen Here...


Housing is a direct federal responsibility, contrary to what Trudeau said. Here’s how his government can do better.

The right to housing — which Canada has promised to enforce in numerous international covenants — was enshrined in Canadian law by the current government in 2019. » Read More...


Unemployment rate ticks up to 5.5% in July as job creation lags population growth

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.5 per cent, marking the third consecutive month that the unemployment rate has risen. » Read More...

Signs of economic softening grow as job creation lags population growth

The federal agency says job losses last month were led by the construction industry, while the greatest job gains were made in health care and social assistance. » Read More...