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Calgary hosts global oil producing nations at 24th World Petroleum Congress

The congress, which occurs every three years, is taking place at a time when the issue of global energy security remains heightened in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


The power of inventory management

Facing challenges with an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and recognizing the need for better inventory management, Virtek Vision sought out a new solution.

Oil execs at World Petroleum Congress see global demand growing, not falling

The theme of this year's congress is the energy transition, and companies around the globe are using the conference to highlight what they're doing to reduce emissions.

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BRECOprotect Timing Belts for Wash-down Applications

BRECOprotect timing belts feature fully encapsulated steel cords that are impervious to liquids making it the perfect solution for wash down applications. The blue FDA AU1 polyurethane is approved for food and pharmaceutical processing, and vision inspection systems. BRECOprotect is in stock for fast delivery in pitches T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT15, AT20 and F3. Self-tracking versions are also available. Learn more and place your order today.
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Sollio Agriculture inaugurates its new St. Thomas fertilizer coating plant

With an area of 25,800 square feet, the new controlled-release fertilizer production plant required an investment of over C$25 million. » Read More...

Northstar Clean Technologies to Host Site Opening Event for Its Asphalt Shingle Reprocessing Facility in Calgary

Once fully operational, the Empower Calgary Facility is expected to have a carbon footprint 60 per cent lower than the base case of landfill and asphalt replacement with virgin production. » Read More...
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HSBC is made for trade.

We can help your business grow your sales and distribution channels. With innovative solutions and global trade expertise, we were made for trade.

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Building Canada’s EV manufacturing epicenter

Before GM can begin manufacturing lithium-ion batteries in North America, crews must build a lithium processing factory in Quebec. » Read More...


Pilz Canada marks ten years of operation

One of the hopes Thomas harbours for the future is the increased success and growth of Pilz’s new PITmode Access Management System, which manages safety and security for a machine operator. » Read More...


The shift from owning to renting goods is ushering in a new era of consumerism

The term “sharing economy” came into use after the 2007 financial crisis as people sought alternative ways to access goods and services, but started gaining more widespread usage in 2010 and 2011. » Listen Here...


Canadians showing more support for striking workers amid inflation, corporate profits

It was Samantha Henry’s first time on strike, and one that made headlines across the country. » Read More...

The auto workers strike will drive up car prices, but not right away unless consumers panic

Car shoppers are heading for a new round of sticker shock if the strike by the United Auto Workers doesn’t end soon, particularly for popular vehicles that are already in short supply. » Read More...