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General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending six week strike

The tentative deal capped a furious few days of agreements that still need to be ratified by 146,000 UAW members at GM, Ford and Jeep-maker Stellantis.

Economy stayed flat in August, estimate suggests economy shrank in Q3: StatCan

The federal agency released its August GDP report, which found higher interest rates, inflation, forest fires and drought conditions continued to weigh on the economy

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CEO John Chen out at BlackBerry as company prepares to divide business

Chen will depart on November 4 »

Curtailment of paper operations extended at Paper Excellence Canada’s Catalyst Crofton Mill

The decision affects approximately 70 employees »
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Akyapak Plate Rolling Machine – InStock

The Akyapak AHS plate roll is an essential machine for many industries, including aerospace, automotive and construction. It features a 4 roll design that is arranged in such a way so that the 4 rollers work in tandem to ensure the plate is rolled evenly and without distortion. This innovative design provides an even pressure distribution across the plate, ensuring consistent rolling and high-quality results.

The hydraulic system also provides precise control over the movement of the rolls, which is crucial when dealing with heavy and large plates.
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Workplace investigations in a manufacturing setting

Manufacturing employers need to understand workplace laws and determine if their business falls into the MOL category of targeted industries. » Read More...


Mental health needs to be a cornerstone of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives

Equity, diversity and inclusion programs have become ubiquitous in the workplace » Read more...


Canada’s Start-Up Visa program is struggling to fill the shoes of its predecessor

The Start-Up Visa program is designed to help foreign entrepreneurs gain permanent residence in Canada » Read More...


Vietnam’s Vinfast committed to selling EVs to US despite challenges, intense competition

Vietnamese automaker Vinfast plunged right into the crowded and hypercompetitive U.S. auto market, gambling that if it can sell its electric vehicles to finicky Americans, it can succeed anywhere » Read More...

Strive for capital efficiency with advanced manufacturing dollars

What do companies such as 3M, ABB, and Pepsico, have in common? All are involved in driving innovation and advanced technology, either as an inventor or user. What stands out is that they are all highly capital efficient. » Read More...