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Ottawa tables bill to ban replacement workers in federally regulated sectors

Bill C-58 would impair service providers' ability to maintain and repair critical network infrastructure should service-impacting events occur during labour disputes.


Equipment Financing: More Than Meets the Eye

Interested in increasing sales, growing your company and developing solid, long-term customer relationships? Equipment financing can help you achieve your business goals in ways you may not have thought of. From speeding the sales cycle to financing floorplan inventory, equipment financing can help manufacturers, distributors and dealers sell more and move inventory faster.

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Canadian-made racking solutions for warehouses and distribution centers

Etalex has been designing and manufacturing large-scale storage projects since 1966. When strength, safety and efficiency are essential, we have the optimal solution. Whether it’s a complex, custom-made or standard project, our know-how and selection of products for industrial shelving, pallet racking, cantilever and industrial mezzanines will answer even the most demanding requirements.
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Frontier Lithium receives funding from government of Ontario for lithium processing research

The NOHFC grant will enable the construction of a facility that will demonstrate processes targeted at the conversion of sodium sulfate by-products to achieve a closed-loop system for lithium salt production. » Read More...

HEC Montréal's Tech3Lab to receive $18M over five years

The financial support will boost UX innovation and accelerate digital transformation in organizations. » Read More...
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Say YES to Next Level ERP. Schedule a Sneak Peek.

Experience the transformation of your business data management with SYSPRO ERP. Our solution encompasses financials, warehouse operations, and inventory management, harmonizing these critical aspects throughout your supply chain and business operations. Our mission is to nurture best practices that empower your journey to the Next Level.

Ready to embark on your journey to unparalleled efficiency? Book a demo and discover how SYSPRO ERP can expedite your path to success, unveiling the full potential of your business.
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Cibus Tec in Parma, Italy; the technological hub for food and beverage

Industry themes, start-ups, demonstrative units, and virtual reality. » Read More...


Canadian manufacturing success stories: companies making waves in global markets

From aerospace to renewable energy, a spotlight on Canadian industry giants influencing global markets. » Read more...


The impact of work on well-being: 6 factors that will affect the future of work and health inequalities

Occupational health tends to be siloed from broader population health, and occupational health and safety activity tends to focus on visible work hazards related to injuries and illnesses. » Read More...


New vehicles from Detroit’s automakers are planned in contracts that ended UAW strikes

Stellantis plans to build a new midsize pickup truck, along with battery-run versions of six Jeep, Ram and Dodge vehicles. » Read More...

Magna beats expectations with profit boost as light vehicle production ramps up

Magna International Inc. is reporting a jump in profits and revenues for its third quarter, beating analyst expectations. » Read More...