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Compression garments reduce strength loss after training


It’s not if, but how people use social media that impacts their well-being


Root bacterium to fight Alzheimer’s

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Fascia – what it is and why it matters

This book serves as a primer for professionals, such as doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, and fitness professionals, to give them a good grasp of what fascia is and what it does in the body.

It gives the reader an understanding of fascia as a tissue, its role in the various systems of the body and its clinical significance. By the end of the book the reader will have a solid working knowledge of fascia. This book is complete unto itself, but also serve as a springboard to deeper explorations should the reader choose to do so. >> Order now
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Mental health in today’s teens: Observations in the field

Over my 32 years of practice, I’ve seen around 20,000 different patients, therefore, I’ve seen many different physical conditions and of course, mental health issues, as well. What concerns me the most is the decline in adult and teen mental health over the last decade, but more importantly, the rapid decline in teen mental health since the onset of COVID-19. As a chiropractor and father, I want to do everything that I can to help minimize teen anxiety and depression. Here are some of my observations on the subject. » Read more...