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Antidepressants largely ineffective for back pain and osteoarthritis


Can fatty acids in foods fight multiple sclerosis?


Pain-relief regimen treats trauma patients with fewer opioid drugs


Pandemic loneliness hits people under 30 harder

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Energetic Kinesiology

Energetic Kinesiology is an emerging field internationally in the Complementary Health Sciences, gaining more and more scientific support and recognition. This fully referenced textbook describes the field and explains the techniques upon which it is built.

It covers the underlying principles, the methods and scientific support for the efficacy of Energetic Kinesiology. It also offers a unique history of Energetic Kinesiology based on the first-hand experience of Charles Krebs who knew most of the originators of Energetic Kinesiology techniques personally. >> Order now
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Levelling the playing field: When bad things happen to good doctors

As we go through our careers we are inundated with helpful advice on risk management and how to deal with the unintended consequences of care. We are trained to be cognizant and mindful with ongoing evaluation of the risks and benefits of care throughout the treatment regime. There appears to be a gap in core education, continuing education, and regulatory standards. Sometimes things “just happen” regardless of doing everything “right.” In my career, events have unfolded that have given me significant distress and concern. Sooner or later, undesired outcomes, regardless of clinical skill and prudent case management, occur. » Read more...