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Human muscle fights inflammation all by itself


Nutrition, companionship reduce pain in mice with sickle cell disease, UCI-led study finds


Bleeding gums may be a sign you need more vitamin C in your diet

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Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic Care, 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic Care is a concise, quick-access handbook that covers the more common conditions seen in a chiropractic practice. Where possible, an evidence-based approach is presented, but it must be understood that a purely evidence-based practice is impossible to achieve in any form of health care. Instead the clinician must use the best available evidence, clinical experience, and a “pinch” of intuition to manage his/her patients.

This is a handy reference that provides a library of practical information in a single volume! When you need fast, up-to-date information on specific treatment techniques such as orthopedic testing and contraindications for manipulation, or information to assist in analyzing test results, this is the first place to turn. Absolutely packed with charts, tables, and algorithms for quick reference. >> Order now
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The stress of chronic pain

When patients think of stress, they often think of work and their long to-do-lists. Some will consider the emotional stress of relationships, but few consider the physical aspect of stress. Physical stressors are not limited to rigorous exercise (which many use for stress management), but also the physical pain they may be experiencing, such from an injury, headache, etc. When a patient experiences any type of stress or pain, physical or psychological, it leads to adaptive or maladaptive neural and hormonal responses. Often the more chronic the stress or pain, the more likely it is for maladaptive changes to occur and contribute to cortisol dysfunction, wide-spread inflammation, and pain. » Read more...