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Regular exercise may protect against dementia


Timing of physical activity linked to fitness levels, CV risk for men with type 2 diabetes


Decade’s worth of Ontario health data finds more severe disease, younger patients

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Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices targets chiropractors and leads them through a comprehensive sales model to demonstrate how they can educate the medical profession on how to utilize chiropractic services for their patients.

By implementing a gradual approach from the first office contact to presenting an effective and educational sales call, this text informs the chiropractor how to confidently access their greatest untapped new patient source.

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices offers a step-by-step approach to secure medical referrals and develop ongoing professional relationships between the chiropractic and medical worlds. >> Order now
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Laser-focus: PMB therapy for rehab and improvement of muscle function

Two of the main things that Laser/Photobiomodulation – PBM therapy (new name) does is increase ATP production in tissue, which promotes tissue healing and decreases pain and inflammation. These are very powerful effects to use with chiropractic treatments. Over the years, the combination of chiropractic and PBM therapy has provided my patients with effective therapy and satisfaction for myself – after all, I am using natural therapies to achieve effective, time-targeted results. To obtain good results with PBM Therapy, one has to understand the principles by which it operates. These include power density, wavelength, Joules, red light and infrared light, to name a few. » Read more...