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Chronic pain has gotten substantially worse

The findings, published in the journal Demography, suggest blanket increases across multiple measures, with pain rising in every adult age group, in every demographic group, and at every site of pain for which data exists.

Study of 70,000 individuals links dementia to smoking and cardiovascular disease

Significantly, women impaired more by smoking; men impaired more by cardiovascular disease

Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to less stress, study finds

The findings revealed people who ate at least 470 grams of fruit and vegetables daily had 10 per cent lower stress levels than those who consumed less than 230 grams.
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Postural Correction

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Ethical re-bookings

Ethical re-bookings: Developing treatment plans based on desired outcome

Patient re-booking strategies and associated ethics with re-booking is a frequent topic of discussion across all healthcare professionals. Some practitioners feel it is unethical, and if the patient wants to rebook they will do it on their own initiative while other practitioners embed the patient rebooking process into their business systems creating a streamlined process.
What all healthcare professionals can agree on is that rebooking is a critical step in both the patient’s treatment outcomes and overall results, as well as an improved consistency with both their schedules and income within their businesses.
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