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Heat stroke is a danger, but cardiovascular stress causes more heat wave deaths


Young workers now value respect over ‘fun’ perks in the workplace


Waking just one hour earlier cuts depression risk by double digits, study finds

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Practice Trends Survey

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Last year, hundreds of chiropractors and naturopaths filled out our annual trends survey. Those entries provided the profession with priceless information, which we then shared with our readers. We would like to once again share this info in 2021, but we need your help - please fill out the survey now.
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Communicate and appreciate

Communicate and appreciate: Accessible business communication systems

Born with a severe-profound sensorineural hearing loss, I found myself in an endless struggle to fit into a hearing culture. Looking back, I remember one classmate in elementary school who said I must have been an alien from another planet. I have to admit it was not always easy carrying the label “hearing-impaired” or “profoundly deaf” or referred to as “that little girl with the hearing aid stuff” while attending mainstream education. Although wearing a box on my chest with cords running up to my ears did give me the privilege of hearing educators with less effort, it did not exactly score brownie points with classmates. To them, I looked and acted different, and that was that. However, if I did indeed come from another planet, then I ended up coming with a mission — to make a difference in the chiropractic profession. » Read more...
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Trigger Point Dry Needling, 2nd Edition

Since the publication of the first edition in 2013, the utilization of dry needling in clinical practice has expanded dramatically throughout the world. Indeed, more and more professionals have been using dry needling to effectively reducing acute and chronic pain, as well as improving motor performance, range of motion, and strength.

With a completely revised text and now full colour illustrations, it provides excellent clarity within content and images for even more uniform and consistent instructions on the needling techniques. » Shop now
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