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Unraveling the mystery of touch

Researchers uncover mechanism that underlies the exquisite sensitivity of certain skin surfaces. The analysis, conducted in mice, reveals that the higher sensitivity of certain regions of the skin stems from a greater number of and stronger connections between neurons in these regions and corresponding brain areas that receive signals from them. The findings set the stage for better understanding the mechanisms that underlie abnormalities of touch seen in certain neurodevelopmental disorders in humans.

Nature-based activities can improve mood and reduce anxiety

Outdoor nature-based activities are effective for improving mental health in adults, including those with pre-existing mental health problems, a new study has found.

Meditation training reduces long-term stress, hair analysis shows

A new study finds that mental training reduces the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in hair. The amount of cortisol in hair provides information about how much a person is burdened by persistent stress.
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Keep it simple, silly: Our CMCC COVID externship experience

COVID-19 turned education on its head. Everyone struggled to some point, especially those finishing high school and missing out on many rights of passage, and those entering higher education. The thought of paying $5,000 for university tuition and sitting in your dorm watching glorified YouTube videos and being marked as if the status quo existed is tough. Beyond that, imagine going back to chiro school and spending $25,000 to do virtual consults and desperately hoping some people come in during the series of lockdowns experienced in the GTA. This has been a hard time for chiropractic interns. » Read more...
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