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Plant extract could reverse opiate addiction

The extract of the plant Corydalis yanhusuo prevents morphine tolerance and dependence while also reversing opiate addiction, research in animals indicates.

Pain relief without side effects with promising stimulation technique

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a completely new stimulation method, using ultra-thin microelectrodes, to combat severe pain.

Mushrooms may lower risk of depression

Researchers used data on diet and mental health collected from more than 24,000 US adults between 2005 and 2016 and found that people who ate mushrooms had lower odds of having depression.
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Designs for Health

Autoimmunity and the Microbiome

Autoimmune disease is growing at epidemic proportions. Standard interventions are based on symptom control and immune suppression. This webinar will review a proactive integrative, systems biology, approach for the provider to address disease prediction, potential prevention and treatment, including various evidence-based modalities. The role of the GI microbiota, food immune reactions, stealth infections and molecular mimicry in autoimmune disease pathogenesis will be explored along with how these may serve as leverage points for clinical interventions from the perspective of the integrative practitioner.
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Gait and mobility

Helping the aging move better: Gait and mobility

You know that normal physiology changes as you age. Gait and mobility are altered with aging and changes in gait speed is contributed by impaired balance and stability, lower limb strength, fear of falling and are related to functional decline and impaired quality of life. Multisensory aging is an important concept, as other systems ie., vision, hearing, can contribute to cognitive load and decline. In a study of gait speeds with women >75 years old, decreased cognitive function is associated with changes in gait speed. Both gait impairment and cognitive decline have been shown to constitute major fall risk factors. » Read more...
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Pediatric Chiropractic, 2nd Edition

Pediatric Chiropractic, Second edition is a comprehensive resource that covers a wide range of information on pediatric chiropractic care.

An international panel of 42 experts contributed to this book. Among the many topics covered are: care during pregnancy and the perinatal period, subluxation, clinical and radiological examination, child abuse, adolescent health, spinal trauma, scoliosis, pediatric nutrition, vaccination issues, and full spine and cranial adjustments.

This reference carefully illustrates that the chiropractor is an appropriate and necessary provider of health care for children. » Shop now
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