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A diet of essential amino acids could keep dementia at bay

Consuming Amino LP7, a specific combination of essential amino acids, could inhibit the development of dementia, shows a study from Japan.

Does physical activity impact risk of knee osteoarthritis?

The analysis included six global community-based studies including a total of 5,065 participants with and without knee osteoarthritis who were followed for five to 12 years.

Nerves may be key to blocking abnormal bone growth in tissue

Drugs being investigated for pain relief may prevent heterotopic ossification, study suggests.

Does major surgery amp up Alzheimer’s disease risk?

A small study puts a fine point on the concern that major surgery, which is highly invasive, may accelerate cognitive decline in some patients.
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The A to Z of Bones, Joints, Ligaments and the Back

All the bones, joints and ligaments of the body, including teeth are listed alphabetically. At least 2 views of each bone and joint are illustrated, along with their blood and nerve supplies. The range of movement and basic structure of all the skeletal components are categorized and illustrated. There is a separate section in the back on the BACK – Vertebral Column where it is discussed as a functioning unit. Over 280 pages and 330 illustrations make this little pocket book invaluable, and still pocket-sized. » Shop now
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The future is now: Genetic testing, AI, and “personalized” healthcare

With the advent of at-home genetic testing kits and more research discussing genetic underpinnings for a variety of disorders and diseases, it appears we’re entering the era of personalized healthcare. However, with genetics there’s often more than meets the eye – direct to consumer testing kits aren’t necessarily as reliable as many people might think, and they don’t always give a complete picture. Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) – especially machine learning – has the potential to revolutionize health care diagnosis and decision-making, but just how far away are patients and health care providers from handing over the reins to machines? » Read more...
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