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2 things cause weak quads after ACL surgery

The quadriceps weakness common after anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, reconstruction surgery isn’t just the result of muscle atrophy, research indicates.

Team links sitting during COVID to depression symptoms

People who spent more time sitting during early months of the COVID-19 pandemic from April to June 2020 were likely to have higher depression symptoms, a new study shows.

Despite understanding the concept of mindfulness, people are applying it incorrectly, research finds

Mindful awareness is about both accepting and engaging with life’s challenges, and that’s what popularized concepts of mindfulness tend to miss, new research has found.
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Therapeutic Stretching: Towards A Functional Approach

repared by an international authority, Therapeutic Stretching: Towards a Functional Approach offers a highly accessible account of the latest information regarding the role of therapeutic stretching in the management of restricted range of movement (ROM) disorders.

Richly illustrated throughout, this exciting new volume covers the physiological basis of stretching, explores its classification and examines what is normal and abnormal in terms of ROM. Chapters then explain the processes that are associated with ROM loss and recovery as well as what makes stretching effective. The experience of pain, sensitization and pain tolerance in relation to stretching and ROM recovery are also discussed.
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Navigating scoliosis

Navigating scoliosis: A chiropractic journey to understanding

Two years ago, our family doctor caught the initial 24 degree curve after a routine chest X-ray for a lingering cough. In retrospect, I often look back on what I have learned since that heartbreaking diagnosis and kick myself for missing all the signs that were staring me in the face for years. On the top of that list were his thoracic hypokyphosis and cervical kyphosis, the former the biomechanical hallmark of scoliosis progression, the latter, a proximal junction compensation pattern to the former. I’m ashamed to say that I can’t recall being taught anything about scoliosis in chiropractic college and certainly nothing about scoliosis treatment. It might seem pathetic, but I turned to Google for answers. The lack of consensus was everywhere. » Read more...
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