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How people understand other people: A single strategy is not sufficient

To successfully cooperate or compete with other people in everyday life, it is important to know what the other person thinks, feels, or wants.

The future of teaching and learning may lie in ‘blended learning’

For a high-quality university education, face-to-face teaching is considered an extremely important core component. However, digital teaching also brings unexpected advantages and opportunities.

Only alcohol — not caffeine, diet or lack of sleep – might trigger heart rhythm condition

New research from UC San Francisco that tested possible triggers of a common heart condition, including caffeine, sleep deprivation and sleeping on the left side, found that only alcohol use was consistently associated with more episodes of the heart arrhythmia.

Don’t ‘take it easy’ as you get older: Longer lives are tied to physical activity

The researchers say that physical activity later in life shifts energy away from processes that can compromise health and toward mechanisms in the body that extend it.
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A patient care model for scoliosis: causes, how it progresses and lifetime treatment options

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is a lifelong journey. The difference between early and late detection, diagnosis and treatment of AIS can have significant and chronic health repercussions decades down the road. Right now, scoliosis treatment is mostly narrow in breadth, disconnected among disciplines and confusing for parents, patients and health care practitioners to navigate. As such, this is an outline of a model of care that examines an integrated multidisciplinary approach to the life span management of AIS. » Read more...
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