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Pain and anxiety impact breathing on a cellular level

You’re startled by a threatening sound, and your breath quickens; you smash your elbow and pant in pain. Why a person’s breathing rate increases dramatically when they’re hurting or anxious was not previously understood.

Keeping active through varied activities can reduce risk of developing dementia

Older adults who participate in a variety of different activities are able to reduce their risk of developing dementia, according to a new study from researchers at Simon Fraser University.

Air pollution may cancel out benefits of exercise on brain health

In a new study, researchers did not observe the benefits of physical activity on brain volume and health when the environment had higher levels of polluted air.
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Osteopathy for the Over 50s: Maintaining Function and Treating Dysfunction

Although textbooks on the subject of Osteopathy have been in print for over 100 years, there is little material specifically addressing the treatment of adults over the age of 50, in spite of the increase in this demographic group.

This book is intended to provide a study of the biomechanics and physiology of somatic dysfunction as it relates to individuals over the age of 50.
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Interpreting blood biomarkers

Interpreting blood biomarkers: Ferritin and GGT as measures of inflammation and oxidative stress

“I feel terrible, but my blood work says everything is normal and that there’s nothing wrong.”
Patients appreciate it when you can help them makes sense of their contradiction, and in my experience, the interpretation of blood work is one area they find enormously frustrating.
In this article, I’d like to discuss how to talk to patients about what these results represent, and use ferritin and GGT as examples of two common tests that can provide more insight than is what’s commonly used for inflammation and oxidative stress.
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