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Heart disease risk in senior women increases with loneliness

Data from a new study point to as much as a 27% increase in heart disease risk in postmenopausal women who experience both high levels of social isolation and loneliness.

Regular exercise can help those with dry, itchy eyes

A team led by researchers from the University of Waterloo discovered that a significant increase in tear secretion and tear film stability after participating in aerobic exercise can be another remedy for relieving dry, itchy eyes.

NFTs for controlling personal health information?

A team of scholars in ethics, law and informatics write one of the first commentaries on how NFTs could be repurposed for the healthcare industry.

Middle-age and older adults get a boost in brain function thanks to daily physical activity

On the days their physical activity increased, the study found, the 50- to 74-year-old participants performed more effectively on an executive function task, and on the days when their physical activity decreased, so too did their cognitive performance.
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The Post-Pandemic Hangover
Dealing with Physical and Mental Consequences of a Global Shutdown

Pandemics invariably exhibit a number of waves of activity before resolving. The “final wave” includes both virally-related and non-viral consequences that can continue to create a profound burden on individual health. Besides symptoms of post-viral syndrome such as fatigue, malaise, low energy, weakness, poor concentration, muscle pain and headaches, individuals face mental health challenges including impaired sleep, anxiety, depression, and addiction. This lecture will examine factors affecting long-term post-pandemic illness including genetic predisposition. Multimodal and individualized protocols for prevention and treatment will be discussed. » Register now
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Get motivated!

Get motivated! 2 key components to creating a successful practice, and a fulfilling life

Bitterly, most people have been so conditioned to be afraid to fail in life that they never take the chance to grow to their full potential. You see, you can fail just as easily at doing what you don’t want to do, so you might as well fail at something that you love. If you are genuinely serious about being successful, then you must answer these questions first. Ask yourself:
What does the world need that my talents can provide? What is it about my life, abilities and talents that can create the most positive impact in my world?
Answer these questions with honest sincerity, and you have the nucleus of what should evolve into a dynamic and enthusiastic life purpose.
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Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices targets chiropractors and leads them through a comprehensive sales model to demonstrate how they can educate the medical profession on how to utilize chiropractic services for their patients.

By implementing a gradual approach from the first office contact to presenting an effective and educational sales call, this text informs the chiropractor how to confidently access their greatest untapped new patient source.

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices offers a step-by-step approach to secure medical referrals and develop ongoing professional relationships between the chiropractic and medical worlds.
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