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New clues in the brain linking pain and food

Finding pleasure in food comes from how our brain responds to what we are eating. In this study researchers were looking at the brain’s response to sugar and fat.

Exercise can help older adults retain their memories

We all know exercise is good for us, but that still leaves plenty of questions. How much exercise? Who benefits the most? And when in our lives? New research led by University of Pittsburgh psychologists pools data from dozens of studies to answer these questions, showing that older adults may be able to prevent declines in a certain kind of memory by sticking to regular exercise.

Trust comes when you admit what you don’t know – lessons from child development research

Research suggests that people are more likely to follow advice delivered with confidence and to reject advice delivered with hesitancy or uncertainty.
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Applied Law & Ethics for Health Professionals, 2nd Edition

On a daily basis, healthcare professionals are faced with many ethical situations along with legal implications. Applied Law and Ethics for Health Professionals, Second Edition tackles ethical situations and the potential legal impacts that many healthcare professionals may face in their careers and asks them to consider their own personal values system and use reasoning skills to come to an informed outcome. Modern cases and topics are discussed, offering real-world ethical and legal accounts that may impact professionals in the field. As the text concludes, readers are again asked to gauge their growth, exploring their newly formed knowledge, values, and opinions on healthcare ethics.
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Volunteering opportunities

Highlighting 3 athletic volunteering opportunities for DC’s: The Olympics, baseball, football

“A sizable part of my clinical practice is seeing amateur and some professional athletes who pay out of pocket for my services. The irony is that chiropractors who work for professional sports teams often work pro-bono. My research verified that while many non-health-care professionals who work with pro teams get paid – chiropractors for the most part are volunteering their time. I interviewed chiropractors at the Olympic, Major League Baseball, Canadian Football League, and National Football League level. This is what they had to say about the business side of working with professional sports teams.” » Read more...
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Are you at risk for professional misconduct?

(Starts Feb 24th) No matter how many years you practice, eventually you may face a need for sound ethical decision-making. Practice challenges usually erupt because of assumptions, poor communication or inadequate or absent boundaries. In fact, when you review disciplinary cases, the details reveal a significant gap in understanding or commitment to professional identity. *Please note this webinar is generally for RMTs » Register now