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Inclusive new tool makes genomic research better reflect world’s diversity

Scientists have developed a powerful, inclusive new tool for genomic research that boosts efforts to develop more precise treatments for many diseases by leveraging a better representation of the genetic diversity of people around the world.

Prenatal mindfulness program improves stress response in infants

Infants whose mothers participated in a mindfulness-based program during pregnancy had healthier stress responses at 6 months old, a new UC San Francisco study found.

[CBC News] Ontario government reverses move to deregulate traditional Chinese medicine

The Ontario government is rolling back a controversial section of a newly proposed labour bill that would dissolve the province’s regulatory body for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
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Trigger Point Dry Needling, 2nd Edition

Since the publication of the first edition in 2013, the utilization of dry needling in clinical practice has expanded dramatically throughout the world. Indeed, more and more professionals have been using dry needling to effectively reducing acute and chronic pain, as well as improving motor performance, range of motion, and strength.

With a completely revised text and now full colour illustrations, it provides excellent clarity within content and images for even more uniform and consistent instructions on the needling techniques.
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Exercise, ATP and longevity

Initiating improvement in all aspects: Exercise, ATP and longevity

No matter your age or ability, exercise will improve your physical and cognitive capabilities. Exercise will also initiate key biochemical reactions in your muscles, increasing your energy and body functions. Exercise needs to be done regularly and it can be manipulated by its duration, intensity, and can be combined in numerous ways. Exercise works best when its duration and intensity are progressively increased. » Read more...
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