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‘Passion’ may be the wrong thing to search for in hiring

Hiring and school decisions based on an individual’s “passion” are likely to miss talent, according to a new study.

What explains our lower back pain? Anthropologists turn to Neanderthals for answers

Examining the spines of Neanderthals, an extinct human relative, may explain back-related ailments experienced by humans today, a team of anthropologists has concluded in a new comparative study.

Sliding into place: Study shows how cartilage interacts with the joints in our bodies

This new study sets the stage for improved treatments for bone diseases and injuries, and demonstrates a valuable new research tool.
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Conservative Management of Sports Injuries

This book embraces the philosophy of “active” conservative care and encourages a multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. In addition to site specific sports injuries, including ankle, spine, knee, and shoulder injuries, chapters address the sports medicine aspects of medicolegal issues, diagnostic imaging, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and anabolic steroid use in sports. Includes specific recommendations for women, young athletes, and seniors. » Shop now
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Maximizing value

Maximizing value: the importance of re-exams

In our experience the single most frustrating feature of the doctor/patient relationship is the failure of most patients to maintain their prescribed schedule of care. Aside from the few spectacular communicators in the profession, most of us are lucky to have a patient follow an initial short program. We all know that a treatment schedule of 12 visits for an acute injury is by no means unreasonable and in the patient’s best interest. Still, according to recent data on chiropractic utilization, the average patient leaves care at around eight to 10 visits. In other words, when the pain is gone, so is the patient. » Read more...
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