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Sport improves concentration and quality of life

Movement on a regular basis keeps kids healthy and fit for school. The benefits of sports have been demonstrated in numerous studies. Now a research team at the TU Munich has found proof of the correlation between physical fitness, concentration and health-related quality of life for primary school pupils.

Diagnosing sports-related concussions may be harder than thought

The tool being used to diagnose concussions might be overestimating the condition and wrongly identifying symptoms like fatigue and neck pain caused from intense exercise and not a brain injury, according to Rutgers researchers.

How to reduce loneliness: Meaningful activities can improve health, well-being

Free time is sometimes idealized, but research shows free time can sometimes be unhealthy by increasing loneliness.
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The A to Z of Bones, Joints, Ligaments and the Back

All the bones, joints and ligaments of the body, including teeth are listed alphabetically. At least 2 views of each bone and joint are illustrated, along with their blood and nerve supplies. The Range of movement and basic structure of all the skeletal components are categorized and illustrated. There is a separate section in the back on the BACK – Vertebral Column where it is discussed as a functioning unit. Over 280 pages and 330 illustrations make this little pocket book invaluable, and still pocket-sized. » Shop now
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The right mentor

When the right mentor comes along, everything changes

If I claim to have paved my own way professionally in two Canadian provinces and one territory, there is a strong likelihood someone else was initially there to offer selected sage advice and get me set up on the right path. These three people are the magic ingredient for my practice to thrive: one who tells me to keep at it when I am at my lowest; one who gives the right advice at the right time, and one who reminds me to keep searching for a unique formula that works for me. » Read more...
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