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Multiple treatments to slow age-related muscle wasting

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy as they grow old. But as we age, our body degrades, our muscles shrink and strength declines. Some older people suffer from excessive muscle loss, a condition known as sarcopenia. University of Basel researchers show that a combination therapy could delay the onset of sarcopenia.

Some cases of long COVID-19 may be caused by an abnormally suppressed immune system, research suggests

A UCLA-led team of researchers studying the effect of the monoclonal antibody Leronlimab on long COVID-19 may have found a surprising clue to the baffling syndrome, one that contradicts their initial hypothesis. An abnormally suppressed immune system may be to blame, not a persistently hyperactive one as they had suspected.

Wearing dentures may affect a person’s nutrition

First study to report results of matched health and dental records to assess nutrition levels.
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Introduction to Public Health for Chiropractors

The vast majority of chiropractors utilize public health concepts every day as an integral part of patient care. For instance, chiropractors give advice on risk factors that should be avoided and protective factors to be added by their patients to enhance healing and prevent illness.

This text fills the need for a public health textbook specifically designed for the chiropractor. This book will not only be of interest to chiropractic students, but also practicing chiropractors because it will provide information they can utilize to provide better care by positively intervening with their patients and their communities regarding public health matters.
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Thinking “big”

Thinking “big” – 2 (more) key components for practice success

Have you ever found yourself quietly questioning performance in any area of your life? Do you wonder why some peers seem to be happier and achieve more than you, all the while knowing that your capabilities and talents are equal if not better than theirs? What many people fail to realize is that success is a behaviour and not a thing. By far, most successful people are successful because of the belief systems that they have in place about themselves, their circumstances, personal accountabilities and of course capacity for success. Their internal dialogue is directed towards achievement, and they entertain nothing less. » Read more...
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