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Benefits of exercise may vary greatly in primary mitochondrial disease

In a new study, researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) demonstrated that the benefits of endurance exercise can vary based on the type of mutation involved in mitochondrial disease, and while the benefits of exercise outweigh the risks, the mitochondrial genetic status of patients should be taken into consideration when recommending exercise as therapy.

Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy may hinder toddler’s cognitive development

Women’s elevated anxiety, depression and stress during pregnancy altered key features of the fetal brain, which subsequently decreased their offspring’s cognitive development at 18 months.

Image-based mechanical simulations improve accuracy in gauging healing progress of bone fractures

“The end goal is to save patients time, money, and frustration,” says Brendan Inglis, a Lehigh University graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. “Because if the surgeon comes back to you and says you have a clinically diagnosed nonunion, and you need further interventions, that’s going to further delay your ability to get back to your life.”
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Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic Care, 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic Care is a concise, quick-access handbook that covers the more common conditions seen in a chiropractic practice. Where possible, an evidence-based approach is presented, but it must be understood that a purely evidence-based practice is impossible to achieve in any form of health care. Instead the clinician must use the best available evidence, clinical experience, and a “pinch” of intuition to manage his/her patients.

This is a handy reference that provides a library of practical information in a single volume! When you need fast, up-to-date information on specific treatment techniques such as orthopedic testing and contraindications for manipulation, or information to assist in analyzing test results, this is the first place to turn. Absolutely packed with charts, tables, and algorithms for quick reference.
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Responding to the opioid crisis

A boom in fitness trackers isn’t leading to a boom in physical activity – men, women, kids and adults in developed countries are all moving less

Worldwide sales of fitness trackers increased from US$14 billion in 2017 to over $36 billion in 2020. The skyrocketing success of these gadgets suggests that more people than ever see some value in keeping tabs on the number of steps they take, flights of stairs they climb, time they spend sitting and calories they burn. The manufacturers of these devices certainly want consumers to believe that tracking fitness or health-related behaviors will spur them on to increase their activity levels and make them healthier. Our analysis of research published over the past 25 years suggests otherwise. » Read more...
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