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Low vitamin D could be the cause of chronic inflammation

Inflammation is an essential part of the body’s healing process. But when it persists, it can contribute to a wide range of complex diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.

Nature nurtures human well-being

A systematic review of 301 academic articles on “cultural ecosystem services” has enabled researchers to identify how these nonmaterial contributions from nature are linked to and significantly affect human well-being.

What allegations of Alzheimer’s research fraud mean for patients

There have been recent allegations that research underpinning widely held understandings of what causes Alzheimer’s may be fraudulent. The impact of this on clinical trials is a potentially huge blow for people living with Alzheimer’s and their carers.
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Osteopathy for the Over 50s: Maintaining Function and Treating Dysfunction

Although textbooks on the subject of Osteopathy have been in print for over 100 years, there is little material specifically addressing the treatment of adults over the age of 50, in spite of the increase in this demographic group.

This book is intended to provide a study of the biomechanics and physiology of somatic dysfunction as it relates to individuals over the age of 50.
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Sun safe

Sun safe: A brief primer on sunscreen for patients

When it comes to summer skin care and safety, sunscreen is one of the most important products that one can use. Not only does it decrease the risk of developing skin cancers and precancers, but it also protects against sunburns, signs of premature aging and hyperpigmentation. Despite it being such an accessible and fundamental tool, in my practice I have seen a great gap in knowledge on the proper application of sunscreen. In this article, I hope to highlight the role that Naturopathic and Chiropractic doctors can play in sunscreen education within their clinical practice, as well as the fundamental basics of sunscreen. » Read more...
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