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News: HPE Arrives At A Critical Juncture
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5G & IoT Dominate MWC16

The 2016 edition of Mobile World Congress showcased many technological advances, but the two that clearly stood out from the rest were 5G and the Internet of Things. » Read full article

The Curious Case Of Women In ICT

Is the glass half full or half empty? In the context of women’s role in ICT, this question evokes the same ambiguity that marks virtually all discussions of complex social evolution. » Read full article

‘Data Is The New Currency — Invest Wisely’

Late last year, Dell released a study that found companies investing in cloud, mobility, security and big data are growing upwards of 50% faster than those who had decided to give it a miss. » Read full article
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Data Center Network Migration

Is your physical cabling infrastructure designed to withstand constant change?

As server and network hardware topologies continually evolve due to increasing bandwidth requirements, your fiber and copper cabling topology and architecture will need to become more versatile in order to compensate for multiple migration options throughout its lifecycle. >> Learn More
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HPE Arrives At A Critical Juncture

You need more than a new name and new branding to succeed in the enterprise computing space, a point that Meg Whitman and the rest of her senior team were well aware of in the days and weeks… » read more

The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Cloudy

We live in interesting times. Keeping up with the trends in technology and elsewhere is becoming more and more difficult, as the pace of change increases. But that doesn’t mean we still won’t try to figure out what’s going to… » read more

Citrix Mobility 2015

October 21-22, 2015
Location: Toronto, ON » more info

Security Canada Central

October 22, 2015
Location: Toronto, ON » more info

Security Canada West

June 17, 2015
Location: Richmond, BC » more info