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Rent, lease or buy? Ask yourself the right questions first!

Adding vehicles or equipment means carefully consideration » Read full article

Watch out for the current Ontario Ministry of Labour safety blitz

These inspectors are on a mission. Workers without cards that show they have completed Working at Heights training risk being made unemployed! » Read full article

Basement renovations: Traditional methods can be risky

DRIcore SMARTWALL panels and the DRIcore Subfloor system allow contractors to build with proven moisture-protection technology » Read full article

What kind of hard hat are you wearing, Type 1 or Type 2?: For a few extra bucks, Alec Caldwell argues, you should be wearing a Type 2 hard hat.

» read more

“What would you do?” A brand new dilemma contest!: Robert needs access to the rear laneway, but the client's neighbor's threaten to block his trucks

» read more

Beyond Code VIDEO: Inside the Morelli Fine Cabinetry factory: If you've ever wondered about the difference between top-notch and "ordinary" kitchen cabinets, have a look at how Morelli makes their world-class product in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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What to consider when buying a business with partners

“It is never a question of if the partnership will run into trouble, it is a question of when.” » more info

Are you doing these things to care for your customers and employees?

"How do you care for your customers and employees?" asks Vancouver-based contractor consultant Ronald Coleman » more info

Avoiding the young contractor trap

"Every young contractor I've ever met figures he was as tough as new rebar." » more info