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Mandatory home energy labelling coming to Ontario

Ontario's 57-page Climate Change Action Plan prescribes monumental changes to the way homes are heated and insulated. » Read full article

Yet another online contractor referral service

SmartReno, who we have never heard of, proclaims itself the "leader" in the field » Read full article

Aboriginal apprentices: Canada’s untapped source of new skilled trades

An "Action Plan for Employers" from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum provides useful information » Read full article

Ontario of College of Trades keeping its enforcement officers: Letter from David Tsubouchi

» read more

Outsourcing building inspections: Coming to a municipality near you?

» read more

Tell us about the weakest aspects of your sales efforts

» read more

“I feel very uncomfortable” about your March/April cover

Our cover of Jeanne and David McGregor, hamming it up in a pretend disagreement, with Jean shaking her fist at David, raised the hackles of some readers » more info

Alec Caldwell: It’s time to do away with anonymous negative online reviews of contractors

The contractors who have their reputations damaged, are not allowed to be "anonymous." Why should their accusers be given this privilege? » more info

Shell Busey weighs in on contractor referral services

... including a plug for his own. Good marketing, sir. » more info