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Vancouver permit delays holding up 69,500 housing units, developer group says

One builder says the backlog is adding 30 per cent to his time to complete single family homes. » Read More

Newfoundland contractors and the province’s HST hike

Newfoundland's Liberals hiked the Provincial Sales Tax from 8% to 10% effective July 1, bringing the HST to 15%. » Read More

Home ownership: Struggling to keep the dream alive

Millennials lean on the Bank of Mom & Dad while current owners struggle month-to-month. » Read More
Robinson Lighting


Reply to Caldwell on dangerous scaffolding: “I find it laughable how precious everyone has become.”

Chris Langman says the Ministry of Labour inspectors are only looking for profit. » Read More

Don’t blame the MOL inspectors, they can save lives, reader replies

Matt writes that Ministry inspectors saved him from further exposure to Type 3 asbestos, when he was a "young, ignorant worker." » Read More

“Why can’t we use scaffolding the way we want?”

Rob says: "The Ministry of Labour cares about our innocent families? Give me a break!” » Read More