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Net Zero Energy homes for everyone by 2030?

If the Trudeau government has its way, all new homes must be NZE in 15 years. Wow. » Read More

Flu on your job site: How to deal with sick employees

Most of us aren't government workers with "guaranteed" sick days, but we still need to be sensible about illness on the job » Read More

Is electrical roof de-icing a good idea for your clients?

Kits are available for various types of roofs » Read More
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What to do with “unfair” criticism

"I was crushed. My guts were liquid. How had I been so blind?" » Read More

Is your contracting business really a life style?

Until you, as a contractor, come to grips with whether you are operating a "life style" business or not, you will be stressed and unhappy » Read More

Plumbers versus doctors

Don't denigrate plumbing as just another "blue collar job" or "glorified labour" says Scott » Read More