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HomeStars acquired by HomeAdvisor

HomeStars, the leading contractor review site in Canada, has been purchased by HomeAdvisor, a publicly traded U.S. firm with some half a billion dollars in revenues

Beware of these non-compliant fall safety harnesses sold at big box stores

The harnesses are yellow and blue, have an "up" arrow on them, and do NOT say CSA-Approved.

An interview with Paul Lafrance, HGTV’s deck virtuoso (Part 1)

His music, his creativity, and his passion for people’s stories lie at the heart of his persona
Justice Institute of BC


Mainstream media continues to advise homeowners to “pitch in” on contractors’ reno work to “save money”

"Demolition" is a good place for an un-trained homeowner to start "saving money" on your next job for them, typical articles suggest. » Read More

Keeping pipes outside of a cottage flowing in winter: Option 2

Architect Brad Green came up with his own system for keeping the water and drain pipes flowing at his year-round Ontario cottage » Read More