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Job-related pain (Part Three): Prevention is better than cure

‘Working Smart’ on the site can significantly reduce the need for medications

Digging into construction productivity issues (Part One)

The McKinsey Global report builds a foundation for much discussion

Comparing a 24 Sussex Drive renovation to Drake’s Toronto palace

Which is better value? A $38-million renovation or a new-build palace for less than half?


More on the difficulties of finding workers on BC’s Gulf Islands

"We have tried techs who came from Alberta. Unfortunately, they normally have the wrong skills (heavy industrial and welded-piping installs." » Read More

Affordable NZE homes: comparing the Victoria, BC market to Edmonton

Last week, Edmonton's Landmark Homes put out a press release announcing it was selling Net Zero Energy homes in Edmonton for less than $400,000 » Read More

Steve’s “anti-Trudeau diatribe totally uncalled for”

“(Although) I am also disappointed in what Trudeau has done to date.” » Read More