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The Toronto ‘crane girl’: Risking others’ lives for Facebook likes?

One false move by the brave firefighter who rescued her, and he could have died

Ontario contractor convicted of ‘unfair practice’

“Stay away from Doug Barber. He will rip you off, guaranteed!”

Home automation comes of age, but not everyone is convinced

Cost, complexity, fear of hacking top the list of obstacles for continued growth


Using your lawyer to collect draws and ensure payment for change orders

"We have built over 1,000 single family homes in the past 31 years using this policy - and it works" » Read More

“You’re a total idiot if you think unions have been helped by government”

A Calgary electrician tells us exactly what he thinks about apprenticeship ratios and big business » Read More

Two reasons good contractors are good diplomats

Diplomacy is a vital skill if you aspire to get better as a renovator or home builder » Read More