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Does a house need to ‘breathe’? Can it be too tight?

Are you confused about the purpose of an HRV system?

How to soundproof historic windows while preserving the original unit

Here is noise deadening approach which has a hands-off approach to the original windows

Stanley Black & Decker Canada proud to sponsor Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Carter Work Project

“Rewarding and inspiring in so many different ways!”
Fusion Stone


Homeowner pays contractor 70 per cent of total fee, fears he will not return, seeks advice

But the contractor has all his tools there, and the dispute seems to be about one specific instance where the contractor could not get access to the property... » Read More

A passive house in Nova Scotia

"We believe passive house construction is becoming a viable option for many homeowners..." » Read More

How to avoid a noisy HRV unit

Hans Eich sends us some useful tips on the topic of enjoying your Passive House without being annoyed by the HRV unit noises » Read More