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California mandates solar roofs on new homes by 2020

U.S. West Coast “collective madness” is a warning to Canada

‘Love It or List It’ producers sued for “numerous defects and deficiencies”

Actor substituted as a contractor in the filming the show

Beaverton “fake news” site makes fun of Mike Holmes

According to the satirical news outlet, Holmes went after a 4-year old for a poorly-constructed pillow fort


Legalization of marijuana will NOT lead to increased impairment on construction sites, Scott argues

All that the legalization of marijuana will do is "keep current users on the right side of the law," this commenter claims » Read More

Why weren’t there any representatives from the home building industry at Skills Canada’s Ontario competition?

Len Rance, a staunch proponent of apprenticeships and developing the next generation of contractors, wants to know » Read More