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Understanding continuous air barrier systems

An air barrier is only as good as its installation. Here's why…

All About Fasteners, Episode 6: Special Screws for Cement Backer Boards (VIDEO)

You don't want to use regular drywall screws for cement boards. They can cause serious problems down the road. Use these instead…

The making of an overworked cliché: “Sustainability”

Every marketer is in on the act, from Mike Holmes to Lloyds Shredded Chicken


Wish you’d chosen a 9-5 job? Lessons from Anthony Bourdain’s apprenticeship bestseller

Why should a contractor read the very first book of a famous TV chef? Because this legendarily hard-living man had a contractor's soul » Read More

Scam where “customer” needs renovations on a home they do not own is common

They need something done on a house they are buying but haven't yet got the money to close the deal. Sound familiar? » Read More

Are these guys for real? Politicians tap dancing as fast as they can on stupid decisions

Casey Edge of the Victoria Residential Builders Association digs up three quotes from politicians that make us wonder about their sanity » Read More