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Toronto hydronics firm says their recent fines from Ontario College of Trades are unfair and punitive to small businesses

The firm received two OCOT fines totalling $750 after installing a simple air handler

Abandoned house lost in Vancouver zoning maze for 13 years

Frustrated owner says to City, “Why don’t YOU buy it?”

More than one way to keep a wall dry

Advancements in building wrap technology offer diverse methods for managing bulk water while reducing material costs and streamlining installation

Would you spend $450,000 to buy a contracting firm to acquire its single project, when that project wasn’t even approved yet?

How about spending $4.5-billion of taxpayer's money, as the Trudeau Liberals are doing, to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project? Only to find out a Federal Court has put the project into the deep freeze? » Read More

Will Doug Ford’s Ontario PCs finally slay the Ontario College of Trades? Opinion

Now’s the time to abolish this reviled government bureaucracy » Read More

Which type of circ saw do you prefer: sidewinders or worm drives?

Mark Bernier's 1980s worm drive is still going strong. "It cuts rings around the little saws." » Read More